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Truly Bolt In Roll Bars - No Modifications

Truly Bolt In Roll Bars - No Mods

Porsches have always been known for their engineering excellence and structural integrity, which provide superior driver protection.

However, even the best design can benefit from added safety when the vehicle is stressed beyond normal. Dougherty Automotive Services quickly recognized the need for safety-related items for cars used at the Club’s high-speed events. However, they also knew that there were many drivers who didn’t want to drill holes, remove carpet, or in some other way modify the interior.

These two considerations, safety and ease of installation, led to the development of the DAS Sport 911 roll bar whose overwhelming acceptance spawned the complete line of Porsche roll bars currently available.

All DAS Sport roll bars are constructed of seamless DOM (drawn over mandrel) 1.75” X .120” mild steel tubing, which meets PCA and SCCA specifications. Unique to the design is the point of contact with the chassis. Unlike other roll bars, which merely bolt to the floor and could allow the footpads to “punch through” in the event of an accident the DAS Sport roll bars contact the structural “box sections” placing loads on the stress bearing members of the chassis. The harness bar height conforms to NHRA specifications ensuring that the shoulder harnesses function properly in the event of an accident. It is design features such as this that make DAS Sport roll bars the choice of safety conscious drivers.

Safety is always the top priority with DAS Sport products, but our designs also place major emphasis on aesthetics. You can rely on our products to “fit” your Porsche in form and function. DAS Sport “look” like they belong in a Porsche – almost like the way the factory would have done it! For example, bars intended for fitment in coupes are designed to follow the “B” pillar and roofline as close as practical. Likewise, those for Cabriolets allow use of the factory windscreen and convertible top. Additionally, attention to design allows ample fore and aft seat bottom movement. The people at DAS Sport believe that one should not make compromises to protection or design when it comes to safety, and DAS Sport products bear this out!

  • Superior design – DAS Sport products “fit” your Porsche in form and function.
  • Original manufacturer and designer of this type.
  • #1 Choice of safety-conscious Porsche drivers/owners.
  • Seamless DOM steel tubing, TIG welded joints
  • Careful attention to detail allows ample fore and aft movement of the front seats
  • Easy-to-follow instructions with weekday tech support available
  • All hardware required for installation included
  • Construction, design and harness bar height follows NHRA Standards, as well as PCA and SCCA requirements