DAS Sport Bolt-In 1999-2011 Porsche 996/997 Coupe Installation Instructions

996/997 Porsche 911 Sunroof Coupe PN# RB2SR
996/997 Porsche 911 Non Sunroof Coupe PN# RB2NS

First and foremost, use safe methods for installation and read all instructions before installing any portion of the kit. Be sure you understand all aspects of the required procedures before installing or contact a qualified race car preparation shop or an automotive (Porsche) technician for a professional installation. Unpack the product and be sure all parts listed on your original invoice are present.

Trial fit the bar to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. Then finish the bar as desired, for example paint, powder coat, etc. If there is any evidence of shipping damage contact the shipping company immediately to report the incident.

1)    Remove one seat, removal of both makes installation easier, but is not necessary. Remove carpet piece covering rear shock towers, this will not be re-used. Remove the three mounting nuts from the top of each rear shock tower.

2)    Place the rear section of the bar onto the shock towers and hold in place with the three previously removed nuts at each tower, but do not completely tighten at this time.

3)    Remove the bolts from the seat belt anchors at the lower B pillar and install the front section of the bar mating the front and rear sections together.

4)    Take caution when installing the eyebolts into the seat belt anchors, as they will strip if they are not seated properly. Use wise judgment with hand tools. Do not use air or electronic tools during installation.

5)    Lightly bolt everything together until all the bolts are started and then final tighten. Hard tighten seat belt anchor bolts to roughly 25ft lbs. Hard tighten rear shock mounting nuts to roughly 25ft lbs.

6)    Double check your installation. Install the supplied serial number decal on the bar where described on the important information form. Check proper seat belt operation before driving vehicle.