DAS Sport Weld-In 1983-1995 Porsche 944/968 Coupe Installation Instructions

PN# RB944
1982-1991 944/944S/944S2/944 Turbo 1993-1995 968

First and foremost, use safe methods for installation and read all instructions before installing any portion of this kit. Be sure you understand all aspects of the required procedures before installing or contact a qualified shop for professional installation. Trial fit the bar to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. If there is any evidence of shipping damage contact the shipping carrier immediately to report the damage. Do not paint or powder coat the bar if there is evidence of damage.

1) The installation requires removal of the front seats, rear quarter upholstery panels and rear trunk floor carpeted mat. Place them aside for reinstallation later. Removal of the rear passenger folding seat back is optional.

2) Assemble the bar as pictured (Figure#1) using all the supplied hard- ware to confirm all the parts are accountable and the assembly is under- stood. Bolt the rear mounting blocks onto the flanges on the rear legs. The hardware quality is specifically selected and must not be replaced with inferior grade hardware.

3) Cut and grind off the rear parcel tie down loops located on the rear of the frame rail. Use hammer to flatten approximately the last 7" of the seamed metal on the frame rail.

4) Reassemble the bar carefully into the vehicle using two people to guide it, preventing upholstery damage or back strain. Accurate positioning of the main hoop is crucial for safety and in case of the addition of the front cage section at a later time (purchased separately). Main hoop should be located 2-2.5" behind “B” pillar (See Figure #2). Once the bar is positioned correctly make sure the assembly is square at all four corners.

5) Mark the positioning of the mounting blocks and nut plates with a paint marker and remove the bar. Prepare surfaces for welding using precautions relating to the fuel tank, wiring harnesses and upholstered areas. Professional welding safety steps must be applied before proceeding. Removal of the fuel tank is recommended but not required. Tack the plates into position then trial fit the bar to be sure everything is lined up. Weld the plates in slowly to avoid overheating and warpage of the metal which will lead to difficulty threading in the bolts.

6) After the welded plates have sufficiently cooled, reinstall the bar. Only after all the bolts are properly threaded, final tighten all hardware. Trim carpeting to fit around bar as desired and reinstall quarter panel upholstery.

7) Double check your installation and install the supplied serial number decal on the driver’s side main hoop.  Check seat belt operation before driving vehicle.