DAS Sport Bolt-In 1974-1989 Porsche 911 Coupe, Targa, Cabrio Installation

Installation Instructions

1974-1989 Porsche 911 Sunroof Coupe
1974-1989 Porsche 911 Non Sunroof Coupe PN#RB1NS
1983-1989 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet PN#RB3

First and foremost, use safe methods for installation and read all instructions before installing any portion of the kit. Be sure you understand all aspects of the required procedures before installing or contact a qualified race car preparation shop or an automotive (Porsche) technician for a professional installation. Unpack the product and be sure all parts listed on your original invoice are present.

Trial fit the bar to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. Then finish the bar as desired, for example paint, powdercoat, etc. If there is any evidence of shipping damage contact the shipping company immediately to report the incident.

1) The installation requires removal of the driver’s seat on coupes. Cabriolet owners: seat removal is not required; just drop the top to get the bar into place. The passenger seat can simply slide forward or be removed for extra caution. Unbolt the four to six mounting bolts that secure the bottom portion of the seat track to the floor rails.

2) Remove the rear passenger “jump seat” seat backs only. These will not be reinstalled while the bar is installed. Remove the lower bolt for the front passenger seat belts located on the rocker section. Avoid allowing the seat belt retractor to take in all the slack of the belt once it is unattached from the rocker. This can cause damage to the inertia reel and could require it to be replaced.

3) Place the bar carefully into the vehicle using two people to guide it carefully, preventing upholstery damage or back strain. Begin to line up all the mounting holes. The front “main hoop” mounting holes line up with the rocker mounted front seat belt anchors and the rear holes line up with the outside “jump seat” back threaded lug.

4) Begin to only start threading the rear mount bolts with the supplied 8mm x 30mm 12.9 bolts. Align the front mounting plates with the rocker mounted threaded lugs, loop the seat belt’s lower anchor through the bolt then pass it through the bar’s bracket. Begin to thread the supplied 7/16”-20x1” bolt (or eyebolt if alternatively supplied into the threaded rocker lug). Avoid cross-threading and use wise judgment with hand tools, do not use air or electric tools during installation. Use of blue Loctite on the threads is recommended.

5) Only after all the bolts are properly threaded, final tighten all hardware to the following specs. Torque the rear 8mm bolts to 16ft pounds and the front 7/16” bolts to 55ft pounds. If eyebolts are used for the front mountings, it is best to tighten them with a thick handled screwdriver passed through the eye of the bolt. Use a hand wrench to ratchet the screwdriver handle, be sure not to over-tighten/strip the threaded insert on the rocker.

6) Double check your installation. Install the supplied serial number decal on the bar where described on the opposite side of this sheet. Check seat belt operation before driving the vehicle.