DAS Sport Bolt-In 1989-1998 Porsche 964/993 Coupe and Targa Installation

1989-1998 Porsche 964/993 Sunroof Coupe PN# RB4SR
1989-1998 Porsche 964/993 Non Sunroof Coupe PN# RB4NS

First and foremost, use safe methods for installation and read all instructions before installing any portion of the kit. Be sure you understand all aspects of the required procedures before installing or contact a qualified race car preparation shop or an automotive (Porsche) technician for a professional installation. Unpack the product and be sure all parts listed on your original invoice are present.

Trial fit the bar to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. Then finish the bar as desired, for example paint, powdercoat, etc. If there is any evidence of shipping damage contact the shipping company immediately to report the incident.

1) The installation does not require the removal of the front seats. Simply slide the seats forward. Remove the rear seat backs (they are not reused) and the quarter panel upholstery panels (they can be removed completely or simply pushed towards the back of the car with the seat belts still passing through the panel during the in- stall). Disconnect the now exposed front seat belt retractor assemblies but do not allow the belts to fully retract into the retractor reels, they will be permanently damaged if this occurs. Remove the rear quarter panel window defroster deflector ducts and place them aside for storage (they will not be reused).

2) Place the lower brace into position as shown in the photo and begin to reinstall the seat belt retractor reels. Be sure the lower bar brace 11/16 hole fits over the raised shoulder on the cars body thus allowing a flush fit. Use the supplied longer AN 7/16n x 31/32" bolts to secure the retractor reel into position. Install with blue loctite and torque to the Porsche factory specification of 55ft pounds.

3) Reinstall the rear upholstery panels. Place the bar carefully into the vehicle using two people to guide it carefully, preventing upholstery damage. Position the bar and begin to start bolt threading. Use only the supplied 1/2" x 2 19/32" AN bolts and the shallow nylock nut for attachment of the bar to the base. Use only the supplied 8mmx30mm (grade 12.0) bolts for attachment of the bar’s rear extensions to the seat back threaded inserts. After all bolts have been started, final tighten all hardware. Use of blue loctite on threads is recommended. Torque the 8mm bolts to 16ft pounds and 1/2" base bolts to 40ft pounds.

4) Double check your installation and reinstall all other trim items.  Install the supplied serial number decal on the bar where described on the opposite side of this sheet. Check seat belt operation before driving the vehicle.